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My Top 5 Tips for the best Pre-ceremony portraits on your wedding day

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Over the years, I've captured so many gorgeous weddings, each with their own sense of style. I've realized that one of my most favorite part about the wedding day are the pre-ceremony photos.

What are Pre-Ceremony photos? These are the portraits captured by your photographer before the actual ceremony. These include your wedding day details such as jewelry, dress, shoes, groomsmen gifts, and more! Stick around while I share my best tips to capture because pre-ceremony portraits.

1. Location & Lighting - If possible, a spacious room for both the bride and groom is great. If there are windows to bring in the natural light, that's a plus!

At the end of the day, the location is totally up to you, right? The photographer uses whatever scenery they have around because YOU choose your wedding venue. This is where we as photographers get creative and have some fun!

2. If there aren't windows, no worries! I find the groom's suite often times does not have windows. In this case, your photographer may pull out a flash or extra lighting to help with this. Still, you want to ensure you bring the fun and the details!

3. Clutter free please! I get it, the day is moving fast. Everyone is getting dressed, laughing, enjoying the moment. Let's try to remember your photographer is capturing candids. If you can avoid a messy room, or keeping the mess in one area, that would help!

4. Bring the details that are important to you. This can be anything! Wedding invitation, jewelry, shoes, perfume or cologne, bridesmaid, or groomsmen gifts. You name it!

5. Have fun! Allow your photographer to freeze time, just for a moment. When you look back at your wedding album, you want to see the day as if it was your first time. No need to pose too much. Allow the candid moments filled with love and laughter to just happen. Be present in the now!

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this article helpful. If your wedding day is coming up and you want Sierra Collins Photography to capture your joy, please schedule your free wedding day consultation here. I look forward to chatting with you!

With love, Sierra

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