Welcoming MY 30th!

You read the title right. Your photographer is 30 years old today! Today's post is super special to me because it represents my current vibe. It represents my strength, my love for myself, and my courage. When I look back at the many years I've been blessed with, I thank God for where he has brought me and the plans he has for my life. I've had my share of ups and downs of course. Still learning and growing from challenges I've faced, and not taking any breath I take for granted.

As much I as photograph gorgeous couples, I am without a ring of my own or relationship (AT THIS TIME). Let's be real, I just knew back in my teens and early 20s, by this age I'd be preparing to say those words, "I do." I knew I be working a 9-5 that I LOVE and doing all the things I wanted. Ha! Welp. Let's just say this... I'm not married, not working my passion job, BUT God has definitely looked out for your girl. He has provided so much for me. I've been able to travel, meet awesome people, invest in myself, and build MY OWN business. In the mist of it all, I am learning more about myself, adulting, preparing for my love story, and simply striving to do whatever it is God has me on this very earth to do.

I am so grateful for life and each chance that I get to pursue becoming a better me.

In my year 30, I vow to continue to love Sierra and know that Sierra is worth so much.

I vow to place myself first; health, rest, mind, body, and soul.

I vow to believe in myself.

I vow to pray when I get weary and work my faith at all times.


Thank you Porshia of Porshia Hernandez Photography for my gorgeous photos!

I found out Porshia and I both turned 30! Her birthday was December 6th, just two days apart! During our fun session we found that we had so much in common! I was so glad to locate a photographer near me that I just clicked with. It was fun working with her and we enjoyed an awesome girl chat over some delicious pizza at Pizzeria Toro!

"We have to do it again girl!"

MUA: Ty @dare2bdiva

Ty is such a sweet heart . She does my makeup perfect each time.

"Thank you Ty @dare2bdiva for my beat girl!"

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