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Jeanette Brewster

After doing my first wedding by myself, I realized this could be so much easier if I had one more person to assist me. I wasn't even sure I wanted to pursue weddings at the time, but the requests slowly began coming in. Jean B Photography and I became really good friends not too long before I asked her to be my second shooter for the Mason Wedding. After researching the venue for this wedding and realizing the wedding party size, I knew I would need the help covering this if I wanted it to be a success! After completing the wedding I knew a second shooter is a must. I was so grateful for Jean and her assistance the entire day. Weddings go by so fast, particularly the ceremony. Wherever I was not able to be, she made sure she was there. If I'm focused on the bride, she's covering the groom. Her images help complete my portfolio. Since then she has been available for every wedding and my only second shooter. I'm open to having other seconds join me, however, Jean and I have become a team in this. We both love what we do and ready to conquer our 2019 weddings!

Check out some of our work together and how we both capture different angles to complete the wedding portfolio.

Lenk Wedding 9/1/2018

Bride: Libby Lenk

Image captured by Jean. Angle: From the front of the bride in a bathroom. Jean was standing in the door way.

Image captured by Sierra. Angle: Right side of bride in a bathroom. Window lighting behind the bride.

The below image was a special request by Libby's mom. Jean had to be the one to capture this moment because she was with the bride at the end of the aisle right before walking down. I was at the front of the aisle ready to capture Libby and her dad as they walked down. This is one of my favorites! Go Jean!

Image captured by Jean seconds before the bride walked down the aisle.

Image captured by Jean from the back of the ceremony.

Image captured by Sierra . I was standing in the middle of the aisle waiting for this shot! Every bride gets one :)

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